Cinematography, Photography and Literature
Robert Frank's Aesthetic Triptych

Dr. William A. Nericcio
Associate Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Latin American Studies,San Diego State University

Jacobs Theater at MoPA 
Museum of Photographic Arts
Balboa Park, San Diego, California
October 5, 2000 @ 7pm
Members $7
Students and Seniors $8
General Public $9

Lovers of film, photography and literature are often left to pursue their insatiable aesthetic desires only one medium at a time.  Happily, the work of Robert Frank presents a singular opportunity to bring together and enjoy these three dynamic and increasingly incestuous media simultaneouly.  This multi-media screening presentation, lecture and discussion will consider a). Frank’s infamous short film “Pull My Daisy,” adapted from a play by Beat-god Jack Kerouac and featuring Allen Ginsberg; b). selected Frank photographic plates including “Elevator--Miami Beach” and “Television Studio, Burbank, California” and c). selected works by Beat poets and writers.  The goal will be to see how the aesthetic dynamics of one medium impacts upon the development of the other related media: how, for example, Frank’s work as a photographer in “The Americans” evocatively contaminates his camera-work in “Pull my Daisy; or how Beat literary aesthetics impacts upon Frank’s narrative strategies as a photographer and film-maker.

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