bios of your attending optic-mad physicians!
Bianca Batti

sections 220.4 the TELEvisuals, and 220.6, the EYEborgs

Hello there! My name is Bianca Batti, and I hail from Los Angeles, CA, where I grew up playing music and irritating my younger sister in any way possible. I then decided to give my sister a break and left home to study at UCSD, from which I received my B.A. in Literature/Writing. I am currently working on my M.A. in English--specializing in American Literature--at SDSU. I have always been really interested in the horror and science fiction genres (for instance, zombies are probably my favorite things in the world), and I am especially intrigued by texts that explore cultural and gender based themes. When not teaching, reading awesomely nerdy literature, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, I play bass in two local bands (Little Fowl and BAD DAD).

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM to
12:00 PM in ARTS AND LETTERS 237

Alexandra Boyer

Alexandra Boyer – ENGL 220.7, The SubjectIcons, & 220.9, The Spectacles | Office Hours – MW 1-2, or “by appt” at Starbucks, West Commons, grabbing a sandwich

Hi everyone. I thought I’d put up this portrait of me because it does a nice job capturing the vastness (emptiness?) of my inner being, a mix of (fantasized) majesty and (annoying) humility, mostly the latter in surprising doses.  The tiny white line in the center represents a towering waterfall at Milford Sound. 
My hologram (pictured below on her way to Queenstown, NZ, last January) will be leading sections 7 & 9 while I contemplate vastness in my perpetual spacey state. Holograms are very useful.  Mine works 20 hours/week at a major corporation, nicely paying the necessities of life for me, while working on an MA in British Literature at SDSU.  If the hologram succeeds in this endeavor, it will be the second Master’s Degree she has earned, the first being an MBA at UCLA, which was very handy for lucrative employment while providing for 5 children.  Be nice to her—she works hard!  But she gets to play, too.  She joins with me, the vast spacey inner, whenever we surf together and sometimes while playing the harp.

Monday 12-1pm in Arts and Letters 237; and
Wednesdays 1-2 at Starbucks West Commons.

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Mason Schoen

Sections 220.3, The EYEbots, and 220.5 The perMUTANTS

Mason Schoen is from San Jose, CA, where he grew up chasing Doberman through the same foothills and orchard groves which Steinbeck travelled and was inspired by. He attended San Diego State University from 2006-2010 where he received his BA in English and a minor in Political Theory. Presently, he attends SDSU’s MFA program in Creative Writing. Primarily a writer of fiction, his work has been published in various journals, magazines and anthologies. He is working on a collection of short stories for publication.

My official Office Hour is from 12:30 to 1:30 on Wednesday in A&L 234. Also, I'm in my office Monday and Wednesday from 2 to 3:30 if my students need me for unofficial Office Hours!
Devina Sindhu
SECTIONS 220.8, The Voyeurs, and 220.10 The SCREENsters

Transplanted to Los Angeles from New Delhi at the age of five, cultural hybridity played a prominent role by (in)forming Devina's understanding of the world. Confused about the contradictory social norms that arose from her upbringing, the one thing she knew from an early age is that she had inherited her father’s love of travel and her mother’s sense of adventure. This combination, mixed with her flights of fancy, prompted her to explore new possibilities in all realms of the world.

She especially needed her imaginative faculties when she moved to the OC for college. It was at UC Irvine—in between watching Morrisey or Billy Corgan music videos, sleeping in the park, working oddball jobs, and participating in all sorts of political protests—that Devina received her undergraduate degree in English. It was also while attending Irvine that she first became interested in critical theory—an interest that continues to influence her studies today. After college, Devina moved to NYC to work as an editorial assistant for the international editions of Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar. Tiring quickly from the Devil Wears Prada lifestyle, she moved to France to teach English on a trusted intuitive whim. Since then, Devina has attained her teaching credential and continues to substitute teach, particularly at the middle school level.

Devina is currently in her final year as an MA student in Comparative Literature. Her scholarly interests include psychoanalysis, queer theory, philosophy, and post-colonial theory, some of which are reflected in her thesis work on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Angela Carter's The Passion of New Eve, with a close look at the allegorical use of alchemy for the protagonist's psychological process and development. Aside from appreciating literature, being in love, and spending time with her wonderful family, she enjoys exploring the world through travel, food, spirituality, and the arts. She hopes to journey all across Asia next year, while applying to doctoral programs.

My official Office Hours are from Wednesdays 4-6 pm in AL 237.