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(FIE/BLC) this denotes an FIE or BLC event/outing that appears on the Anth 493 calendar as a courtesy reminder; not all (FIE/BLC) required events are listed here!  Also note that all BLC references are to those classes being taken by the NON-INTERNING SDSU undergraduates.  Interning SDSU travelers have their own BLC schedules! (pronounced 'Shedules' here in the UK.

Also note: attendance is crucial on BLC and Anth 493 field trips--don't indulge so much you injure your academic record!

    sdsu 2007 summer london program  
   may24 May 2007

interns arrive

25 May 2007

surrealist ball night at the victoria and albert museum

26 May 2007
27 May 200728 May 200729 May 2007

3 cineTREKS/5 cineTREKS if you blog it as well!
Race and Cultural Studies Lecture
Sara Ahmed
closest underground: New Cross TUBE station
tuesday, 5:30 to 6:30

30 May 200731, May 2007 THURSDAY


Debate: What Should Museums Display, National Portrait Gallery, FREE 7:30pm

Though not really about film, this particular debate is key as it touches on issues of representation and the "other" that are presently at the heart of the intellectual culture of England and, especially, of London. It should be a great event--lively and engaging. 3 cineTREK (cT) units | 5 cT units with a cool blog report.


Lucha Brittania, ONLY FOR THE BRAVE!!!  at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club | 5 cineTREK™ units | 7 cTs with a dynamic, probing blog post!  This show costs £10 if you are dressed posh; £15 if not!


1 June, 2007 Friday

(FIE/BLC) 10am Freddie Mercury Room at Foundation House--Studying in London/Student Life Orientation

"CineTREK" Pub/Sports style!  Whether or not you are a fan of soccer, known as FOOTBALL this side of the drink, you best get yourself to an area pub around 7:30 pm or so tonight for the "friendly" (that is, no championship at stake) match between England and Brazil.  The pub in the giant HOLIDAY INN across from the FOUNDATION HOUSE on 114 Cromwell has massive big screens and a decent selection of beverages.  Another cool pub is located in Notting Hill--maybe Hugh Grant will be there!!! cinefiles take note.  It is called the Sun and Splendour!  here's the map.  I would take the walk through Hyde Park in lieu of the maps decision of Kensington Church Street. 


Saturday, 2 June 2007

(FIE/BLC) 2pm Guided Tour of London by Motor Coach; Coach departs from Manson Place.


We leave the steps of Manson place at 6:30pm sharp for our trip over to BFI for a 7:50pm screening of Fellini's best film--at least that's view of some learned students of film--the one and only LA DOLCE VITA.  Advanced purchase of tickets is available here


3, June 2007

Tour guide to the stars from the realm of academe, your flatmate and my partner in crime, Nathan Leaman will lead this Sunday smorgasbörd of cinema and rock--added plus? It is in BRICKLANE which oozes culture and has some of the cheapest and most delicious food in the city.  Check with Nathan, flat 17, Manson Place, about departure time from the steps of Manson Place, but I think it will be around 2:15.

Future Shorts at Rock ‘n roll Cinema. 93 East, a bar on Brick Lane plays a series of short films on the first Sunday of every month to celebrate filmmakers from around the world. Get there early and  stay until the evening for a great music scene.

6 cineTREK™ units | 8 cKs with a screaming rant of a blog entry!

4 June, 2007

9-9:50am, Vivienne Westwood Room; First introductory lecture; ANTH 493. Be sure to read the Harvey review carefully before class!

Vivienne Westwood Room

Bloomsbury field trip..

(FIE/BLC) Welcome Reception at BEIT QUAD, Imperial College, 6pm, for ALL 25 of our gallant SDSU world travelers!--other colleges and universities with FIE will be there as well!

5, June 2007

Vivienne Westwood Room

Trip to City of London and Museum of London

We leave the stairs of your flat at 8:00pm sharp for a quick trot to the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS, your cultural arts neightbor for a 8:30pm screening of KLIMPT-- movies tend to sell out here so don't be shy about going early to the box office and getting your ticket in advance (as a student you pay £5 with concession, as it is called here. More about the artist is here.  More about the film is here.

4 cineTREK™ units | 6 cKs with a clever blog entry!

6, June 2007

We will leave the steps of your flat at Manson Place at 9:15am, SHARP, for our visit to the Riflemaker gallery. 
3 cineTREK units |  5 cTs if you blog it! 

(FIE/BLC) 2:30 to 4:30 in the Vivienne Westwood room.

(FIE/BLC) STOMP at 8pm at the Vaudeville Theatre, The Strand.  Give yourself at least 55 minutes or so to get from Gloucester to the Embankment Station.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

We will leave from the front steps of MANSON PLACE at 6pm sharp; pre-movie gathering at the HOLLY BUSH pub before the screening. This cineTREK™ is ONLY for diehard fans of cinema--a chance to see Darren Aronofky's THE FOUNTAIN and hang out with the scene designers eating canapes and drinking champagne. WARNING. you must pre-book and tickets are £20 & £25!!! 7 CineTREKS | 8 cKs with a standard blog entry

ALTERNATIVE cineTREK--save the ticket stub! DUMBO at BFI
3 cineTREK units for screening (save your stubs);
5 cineTREK units for screening plus a brief rant on what you
believe to be the most adult psychological issue undergirding the 'for kids' surface of the movie!

more info?  go here!

Do please take care to see that your cineRANTS
some have been a tad light and missing specific details... whatever you write about should include proper names, dates, actor names, etc
are at least 250-300 words in length!

8, June 2007

It is 9:30am and we are up and awake and dressed semi-chic on the steps of Manson Place ready for our arts safari over to SKETCH to see the BLESSING gallery installation by Claire Hooper.  But we are there as well to be transported into the singular space that is SKETCH--the most stunning bathrooms on the planet,  I kid you not!
4 cineTREK units | 5 cTs with a memorable blog entry!

Classic American film in the British temple of Film Culture--the British Film Institute (BFI).  We will leave from the steps of Manson Place at 5pm SHARP for our pilgrimage to the Southbank of the Thames and BFI.  On tap? The infamous LOST WEEKEND, directed by Billy Wilder.  You can pre-order your tickets here
5 cineTREK units | 6 cTs with a memorable blog entry! 




(FIE/BLC) For interning and non-interning students alike...


Saturday June 9 @ 8am from your residence at Manson Place, we will depart on our time travel back to the past, to Roman and Medieval England.

10, June 2007 SUNDAY
screening at 2:30; free tickets available at 2, so we must arrive a tad early to queue/wait in line! Let's leave from the Manson Place steps  at 1:10 SHARP!

8 1/2
The National Gallery (just off Trafalgar Square)
5 cineTREKs | 7 cT units if you blog it creatively and with zest!
Arguably the best film in the history of cinema--arguably! See for yourself as we treat ourselves to a screening of Fellini's 8 1/2 for free! get there early, cool things like this go fast in London....

11, June 2007 MONDAY

Tonight we venture out to Shakespeare's living memorial--the GLOBE on the Southbank for a production of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE;  we will be joining the SDSU

London internists on this tour, a cohort led by Professor Brian Ridgers.  PLEASE NOTE that you are responsible for securing your own tickets (£5 + fees)--I would do it online or in person if you are on the Southbank.  The only tickets  left are for 'groundlings" so do keep in mind that we won't have seats and will, Shakespeare-style, have to stand!!! You can meet up with me at the theatre OR leave early for a pint at the FOUNDERS ARMS on the banks of the Thames. If you are up for that we will leave for BLACKFRIARS station from the steps of Manson Place at 5:30pm sharp! 5 cineTREKs for the field trip | 7 cTs for a blog entry wherein you describe a cinematic interpretation you could create of one or two key scenes from tonight's production of MERCHANT.

12, June 2007, TUESDAY

FREE cineTREK™!!!

We will meet on the steps of your flat at 8:30am for a trip to the SACRED--an exhibit at the BRITISH LIBRARY.  I have secured 17 tickets so that all of us can enjoy this special show--do please follow the link embedded in the word SACRED for more info on this show. SACRED is a special effort that blends semiotics, anthropology, archeology, and religious studies to produce a comparative hermeneutics of 'sacred' texts--Christian, Jewish, and Islamic.  For your blog entry, please document one of the surprises you find as you carefully make your way through this special exhibit.  After we exit SACRED, we should make good use of our visit to the British Library, in a sense, the mother of all libraries by prowling its many exhibits and corridors.

4 cineTREKS™ | 5cKs with a healthy and meditative blog entry.


For lovers of film--probably only of interest to those of you who have heard of the Cannes Film Festival in France--we have a special cineTREK to BFI to hear an interview with the artistic director of said infamous festival of cinematic pleasure, Thierry Frémaux. We will leave Manson Place for our trip over to BFI at 5:15 pm sharp. Note that it is a pricey gig at around £7 or so with student concession!

5 cineTREKS™/ 7 cKs with a cool, short anthropological blog.

13 June, 2007 WEDNESDAY

Moved from last week we finally venture out for our TATE MODERN visit--note that this is a JOINT BLC/ class outing!!! you get two for the price of one. Our morning field trip to the TATE MODERN begins from the steps of Manson Place at 8:45am sharp (SET YOUR ALARMS!) for our tour of Europe's finest gallery of Modern Art--if for some reason we leave without you (for instance, if you are late), we will meet Professor Makey at the Tower Hill Tube Station. The first part of our tour will be led by the gallant  Makey--he, too, will expose us to some of the Tate Modern's better pieces.  The next part of the adventure will be led by yours truly as we enter the DALI and FILM special exhibit--charges, £8, will be paid by FIE!

5 cineTREKS™ | 6 with a provocative and critically sophisticated blog entry. 


Back to the BFI, tonight for a German classic, THE TIN DRUM.  We will leave the steps at Manson Place at 5pm sharp for our 6pm screening.  If you intend to be out by the Southbank, you can also meet us at   Benugo by the tickets area of the BFI. Volker Schlorndorf's film is an adult revision of the first 50 years of Germany's 20th Century and contains visceral and disturbing scenes!

4 cineTREKS™/ 6 cKs with a throbbing, evocative rhetorical rant about one of the ideas that most provoked you watching the film!

14 June, 2007 THURSDAY

10:00am BLC meeting at the TATE BRITAIN
--surprise lunch in lieu of Greenwich field trip!

Men Without Shadows!  A field trip to LIVE THEATRE as we feast on a preview of MEN WITHOUT SHADOWS at the Finborough Theatre.  Tickets are £8 and can be purchased online! We will leave your flat's steps at Manson Place at 6:15 for the walk to the theatre!

6 cineTREKS™ / 8 cKs with a blog that addresses the difference between live theatre and cinema.
15, JUNE 2007, FRIDAY

We head down to Brixton for a night of cool experimental film, aka EXPLODING CINEMA. We will leave your casa steps at Manson Place at 6:45 pm for the trip down; Brixton is the home of some of London's coolest clubs so do some research online to find various after parties!

5 cineTREKS™ / 6 cineTREKS with a killer blog anthropology report on the natives you encounter.

16 June, 2007 Saturday

Today we leave the flat at 2pm for our ride over to Aldgate East and special Visual Theory "NATHANtrek."  That's right cineTREKS are opening up a new brandline with a NATHANtrek™ today and a SARAHtrek™ on Monday.
We will be attending the 3pm screening of Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, by Laura Mulvey with Emma Hedditch at the amazing Whitechapel Gallery

"It is said that analysing pleasure or beauty annihilates it. That is the intention of this article" Laura Mulvey, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, 1975. For the first time Laura Mulvey translates into video her seminal 1975 essay 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema' in a special project conceived by Laura Mulvey with the artist Emma Hedditch. As Mulvey is recorded reading her manifesto out loud – a work that was in itself the starting point for this weekend of screenings - we see a series of film clips of the sequences she was thinking about while writing, some of which are named in the text itself some of which have remained unnamed. This video, made for the event, is a unique and historically important document.

17, June2007 SUNDAY

It is the birthdayof Queen Elizabeth II. While I cannot offer you any cineTREK snacks, I still urge you to go watch as the nation celebrates with the Queen in a splendid parade called Trooping the Colour.


Artsy rocker sisters band COCO ROSIE is in town for a gig at the Bloomsbury Ballroom--at £17, it's a tad pricey, but if you are into cutting-edge indy rock, it just might be a great show. cineTREK bloggers who attend the show should contribute a rant identifying in detail and with specific critical references all the elements of the show they deem 'cinematic'--can a band, a staged piece of musical performance art be read as a form of cinema or are the movies and live performance two different kinds of animals? Those attending will leave the steps of Manson Place at 6:45pm for the ride over to the show. 

6 cineTREKS™ / 7 cKs with an amazing blog review.

18 June, 2007, Monday

BLC, 10am, meet at the entrance of the GLOBE on the Southbank


Out of the Past @
institut francais... a sarahTREK™ event!

A special treat as our other Graduate Student from the SDSU English and Comparative Literature Department, Sarah Martin, leads us in a night of film noir cinema. We trot off of your front steps at 6:15 for the quick trip over to the Institut Francais and a 6:30pm screening of Out of the Past with Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. Noirolicious!

3 cineTREKS / 5 with a noir-laced blog rant!  Do please ask your guide, SARAH, what to focus on in your blog entry!
19 June 2007 Tuesday

BLC; depart at 2pm from Foundation house for trip to Westminster Abbey.


THIS IS ENGLAND screening at the one and only BFI!  a nathanTREK™ event!  Nathan and his band of merry cinephiles will leave the steps of Manson Place at 7:45pm for the ride on over to the British Film Institute and the 8:45pm screening of the film.

3 cineTREKS / 5 with a blog that critically compares something you SEE in the film that jives/mirrors something you have witnessed while living here!
20 June, 2007 WEDNESDAY

2 to 3pm
MANDATORY Paris Orientation Meeting
Vivienne Westwood Room, FIE

Le Samourai @ 8pm
Introduced by Jude Law
£9 / £7 concessions
institut francais

Hurry, hurry, hurry--there are still a few tickets left to spend this special night with a contemporary British celebrity whose fame spans the globe, Jude Law, while also introducing yourself to the cinema of Jean-Pierre Melville and the acting of Alain Delon in Le samourai. Since this is SO close to your house, just turn up at the theatre and get a seat; we will meet after the movie and discussion outside to take a quick headcount and have a brief, very very brief chat.  Your blog assignment is to address as an anthropologist the behaviour of the audience with regard to the 'aura' of the celebrity.  Does having a movie star in the house, change the way you read or experience the film?

We will leave your Manson Place steps @ 7:15 for the walkover!

6 cineTREKs | 8cKs with a killer blog!

21, June 2007 Thursday

We head out to the RIVERSIDE STUDIOS for a wide-screen, 6:45pm showing of THE WIZARD OF OZ. We will leave the steps of Manson Place at 5:15 pm for the long ride out--also, the Riverside has a riverside pub that is lovely if it is not raining.

4 cineTREKS / 6 cKs with a blog--in your writing for this event, think more like a psychologist than an anthropologist as you identify and explore what you view to be the deepest psychological element of Victor Fleming's film.

(FIE/BLC) For interning and non-interning students alike...



Paris Weekend


Paris Weekend

25, June, 2007 MONDAY

BLC--Meet at 10am at the entrance of the Imperial War Museum.


You asked for it! You got it! another nathanTREK starring the guide-genius skills and instincts that are Nathan Leaman, Esquire.  

POCKET VISIONS SCREENINGS, Following the successful launch of the LIDF on March 17th we are happy to announce a series of ENCORE! screenings at the Roxy Bar and Screen, presented in association with the London Review of Books. All screenings are free on Monday evenings at 8pm.
25 June, 8:00 pm, Con Man Confidential, Alexander Adolph, Germany, 2006, 84 mins

Nathan will leave the steps of Manson Place at 7pm for the trip down to Borough tube stop, south, on the Northern Line.

4 cineTREKS™ / 6 cTs with an amazing blog entry that chats about the nature of documentary film!
26 June, 2007 TUESDAY

BLC 10am, Foundation House, class on London.


note: be sure to visit hyde park for the royal college of art show near the albert memorial!


Nathan Leaman field trip TBA

science of sleep? TBA

27 June, 2007 WEDNESDAY


Mexican Fiesta en Londres!
Metrogate Instructional Kitchen
tacos y cervesa y soda, provided!
headchef? Guillermo Nericcio García!

More burlesque is on tap for those of you who want to relive the delights of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS field trip; the cinematic connection with the origins of live entertainment have already come clear for us in the films Ruiz and Fellini, where elements of circus and burlesque drive the respective storylines.  Do note that while this French review comes at a cost (£10) it comes with a glass of wine!  The shows begin at 5pm and go on till 1am; if you want to get their early for your money's worth, do please go ahead; I will leave with the group from the stairs of Manson Place at 7 for the ride over to SOHO.

6 cineTREKS™ | 8 cTs with a dynamic and detailed fill blog that documents the night's curiosities with the flair of a nosy anthropologist.
28 June, 2007 THURSDAY

BLC 2:30 to 4:30pm; class, pub quiz and prep for the final exam.


One of the key elements that makes movies memorable is the soundtrack; tonight we take an existential trip into the soul of music with a cineTREK™ to the 606 Club and a night of amazing jazz featuring the saxwork of JEAN TOUSSAINT. We will leave your flat stairs at 7:30 for the WALK over to the club.  An added treat? We get to walk past a scary old English graveyard along the way!

£8 +food and drink
6 cineTREKS™ / 9 cTs with a blog entry that with careful elaboration, uses one of Toissant's musical pieces as the backdrop for a movie scene of your own invention!
29 June 2007, FRIDAY

Day off!  Enjoy yourselves!  OR, better, consider revising and updating one of your blog entries!
30, June 2007 SATURDAY

We return to SKETCH for a grand opening of a NEW gallery exhibit there--PaperRAD, a trio of Yanks by the names of Jacob Ciocci, Jessica Ciocci, and Ben Jones!  The gallery opens at 12:30 so we will leave your posh Manson Place digs at 11:45 for the walk over to the tube!!!!  Those of you who missed our first Sketch outing should be sure to come! Press release here!

1 cineTREK™ for coming to the gallery; 4 cTs if you also write a detailed critical analysis of the show for your blog!


Viridiana @ 6:30pm at BFI--we will leave the steps of Manson Place at 5:30 for our trip over to the Thames!  This is arguably Buñuel's best film.

2 cineTREKS for the movie / 6 cKs if you author a blog that exlores Buñuel's view of (your pick) male or female psychology.

1 july, 2007 SUNDAY

It is time for our amazing JACK THE RIPPER walking tour of London.  We will leave from the steps of (Charlie?) Manson Place at 6:40 sharp for our scary jaunt on down to the TOWER HILL TUBE station. £5 for students with concession. After the tour, we will walk, watching our backs, to the TEN BELLS PUB, a fixture in the community, and one of the places where Jack found his last victims!  Yikes!

4 cineTREKS / 6 cTs with a creepy horror/cultural anthropology entry on your blog!

2 July 2007 MONDAY3 July 2007 TUESDAY

Don't be shy! Be part of cinematic history by attending and writing an anthropological study of a film premiere event right in the heart of London!   Harry Potter debuts tonight at 5!  Get there early to seize a place on the red carpet!

4 cineTREKS for a smashing blog entry on this event--if it gets a higher grade, you can use this grade to replace an earlier lower graded blog!!!
4 July 2007, Wednesday

BLC: final exam, conclusion and farewell.
5 July, 2007 THURSDAY

It's quizzer pub-crawl night, and all that we have learned about Cinema and Film Studies will come to use as we make our way to beautiful Hampstead for an evening of puzzling delight.  We will leave the Manson Place steps at 5:30pm for our sojourn on the Northern Line.  First stop? Chalk Farm, just before Hampstead so that we can climb the tallest hill in London--Primrose Hill (a magnificent place to watch the sunset for the romantics in the group). But we don't have time for that as we will push on to Hampstead for a drop at the Holly Bush Pub, (where the first drink is on me!) one of the best pubs in all England--a top 25 listed pub since the guides started guiding!  From the Holly Bush, we will move at around 8pm to the Ye Olde White Bear Pub where their quiz night begins around 9pm. We will need to connive and enlist Brits to join our respective tables lest we fall prey to the locals fearful knowledge of football and tv trivia!!!!

5 cineTREKS--no blog entry necessary!
6 July, 2007 FRIDAY

Be sure to make the time to prowl the grounds of HOLLAND PARK or the back alleys of HAMPSTEAD--you'll be glad you did!


End of the Semester Party with John Makey at the PRINCE REGENT PUB at 3:30PM!
Don't miss it! (especially as it is paid for by the wonderful folks at FIE, and that means by you as well!).

7 July, 2007 SATURDAY

This would be a good day to get to work on your final essay!!!! As for the final 10 page paper mentioned in your syllabus, I have reduced that to a 6 to 10 page paper. You have at least four options.

1. REVISIT one of the sites we have invaded during the course of the semester and compose an essay that blends film study and anthropology to reveal new and intricate elements of that site that missed your attention the first time you were there.  In a sense it is an essay on your heightened cinematic/cultural awareness brought on by the shock of the new that is London.

2. Locate a critical study of ONE of the films that we have studies using Love Library's PROJECT MUSE or JSTOR or some other online full-text scholarly index. Write an essay that CHALLENGES the scholarly article with your own interpretation of key scenes from
that film.

3. The title of this cultural anthropology course is London In/On/As/Is Film.  Write an essay that explores the appropriateness of this title for our 6 week adventure OR, better, give a new title to our class that in a better, more complex way, sums up the achievement of our collective explorations.

DESIGN YOUR OWN ESSAY THESIS--this option is highly recommended as it requires the most drive and imagination! --just be sure to email me or chat with me by July 6, 2007, today!, with your essay proposal so I can greenlight it or adjust it!

This work is due Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at noon, in the Vivienne Westwood room where we will have our final class discussion ps: you are free as well to !  just be sure to email me or chat with me by July 6, 2007, today!, with your essay proposal!

89 July, 2007 MONDAY

Free day!

Work on your splendid papers!

10 July, 2007 TUESDAY

YOUR PAPER is due today, Tuesday, July 10, 2007, at noon, in the Vivienne Westwood room at Foundation House where we will meet for a final class discussion till 1pm today! Your typed, double-space, amazingly-crafted prose masterpiece must be printed out and NOT FORWARDED to ME AS AN ATTACHMENT; please note that NO LATE PAPERS will be accepted!
11, July, 2007 WEDNESDAY

Professor Nericcio jets off to Ireland for a week's vacation--tears fill his eyes as he reflects on the best London Summer he's ever had!

Non-interning SDSU globetrotters return to the USA!