Fall 2013 @ San Diego State University | This is the main gateway page

to NAKED MIRRORS / DAMAGED PSYCHES, an undergraduate
English 220 seminar @ SDSU | The only purpose of this page is to
provide a doorway to another world, an experimental space dedicated
to deciphering the complexities of 20th and 21st century fictions--books,
film, cinema, and more.

Why are you still reading? There is nothing more to read here, only
a credit for the amazing painting above.  René Magritte, La reproduction
interdite (Not to be Reproduced), 1937 John Tromp, Museum Boijmans
van Beuningen, Rotterdam, © Charly Herscovici, ADAGP/ARS, 2013.

The book in the painting is an allusion to the work of Edgar Allen Poe--

that is not without some meaning when it comes to the focus of this class.

There is nothing else on this page--go to the main
page! Now!

OK, I lied--one more video (another key to our class)!

oh, one more thing...