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tomorrow! we will be mimes!  (look at this picture!  dress Euro/BRIT/ with lots of scarvers, black coats, mime paints, hats, etc!!!!!)

why?  the same reason Antonioni used them at the beginning and end of his film BLOW-UP! to underscore the lived relationship between the "real" world and the world of performance, between the mundane sameness of the quotidian and the rich irreality of fiction, photography, and more generally, the world of representation.

our sinematic bodies will, through our performance, undermine the reality of SDSU and inject some theatre into a campus in dire need of excitement.

here's the plan

12 noon take your exam

12:40 finish your exam
12:45 start putting on your makeup
12:50 sharp  with yells, hoots and hollers we will emerge from hardy tower 140 yelling and laughing (but not talking) and running out the front doors and through the Hepner Hall ARCHWAY, from there we will run and lurch to the left past Love Library and toward the starship enterprise glass dome of the library, up the steps and to the quad in front of the presidents office.  

there we will assemble in a tennis court rectangle about the size of a regular tennis court--any students trying to walk onto the court should be stopped with EXAGERRATED MIME tactics (raise your hands, show your palms, etc). 

Mimes are NOT subtle--but they are not rude either.  I will pick someone from the court perimeter and begin our tennis game....  at some point I will hit the ball out and we will wait and see if any spectator throws the ball back into the court......

tell your friends to come and watch and participate.

after this spectacle. we will run to the new trolley stop and play a game of baseball; i will position you so don't hesitate when called to assume a role.

then what?

who knows!

a beer at Monty's /Louie's ?

who knows!


headPROFmime nericcio

NEW extracredits!!!!!!

Last three extra-credit chances; ALL extra-credit writing 
assignments must be stapled to TWO “template” example 
reviews that you have carefully read AND used as models 
for your own efforts; the MORE your work resembles the 
actually published models, the more likely your work will 
achieve a higher grade.  ALL extraCREDIT papers should 
be 500 words (two-pages, double-spaced) due Thursday, 
December 9, 2004 by 2pm under my door at AH 4117 
except for extraCREDIT 3 that is due Monday December 13 at noon.

extraCREDIT 1: You work for the NEW YORK TIMES, 
the LA TIMES or THE GUARDIAN (UK). Review the in-class 
performance of Marlene Forte based on the script by OLIVER MAYER.
In addition to the hard-copy review you will slide under my door 
attached to your two model reviews by published professional 
ARTS journalists, you will also EMAIL a copy of your review 
to playwright OLIVER MAYER care of:

Mayer, Oliver Assistant Professor  School of Theatre | USC 
(213) 821-1545 

extraCREDIT 2: SinemaniacEURO night; in lieu of a class party
we will have one last sinema/social opportunity with a 
screening of Federico Fellini’s LA DOLCE VITA the night of 
WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2004.  The movie shows at 
4:45 AND 8:30pm and is, I believe, $7.50 with a student ID. 
Plan to dress like a cool EUROchic type and show up at the 
CINEMA before the 8:30 show to hang out, knock back a 
soda or a martini, schmooze and say your bon voyages! 
Your extra-credit is to review the film as if you are J. HOBERMAN, 
movie reviewer extraordinaire for the VILLAGEVOICE.COM. 

BEWARE... this cool flick is amazing, but will taste the endurance 
for non-true sinemaniacs--the film is THREE hours long, 
black and white, in Italian and with subtitles!!!!

Ken Cinema  4061 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116 
619) 819-0236  La Dolce Vita       (4:45) 8:30 
Stereo, ITALIAN Sub-Titled

extraCREDIT 3

Attend and review the reading outlined in the following description; 
you should review the EVENT, DGWILLS BOOKSTORE, 
December 10, 7pm, as if you worked for the 
TELEGRAPH, or the VILLAGE VOICE; here’s the details:

From:  estela eaton <> 
Subject:  Pacific Review Reading

Early warning! I will remind y'all when the date gets
 closer, but just in case you have tight holiday
 schedules, this is a reading to commemorate the 2004
 issue of pacificREVIEW. Several of your cohorts will
 be there:

 Reading at D.G. Wills!

 Collette LaBouf Atkinson, Brandi Bell, Estela Eaton,
 Guillermo Nericcio Garcia, Cassandra Gonzalez, Sandra
 Hunter, Ron Israel, Maggie Jaffe and Leon Lanzbom will
 be performing at D.G. Wills Books on December 10th,
 7pm, to commemorate the Decay and Decadence issue of

 pacificREVIEW has published high-quality fiction,
 poetry, essays, and artwork since 1972. The journal
 showcases the work of emergent literati, pairing their
 efforts with the work of established artists. After
 the nineteenth century Decay and Decadence movement,
 this issue further explores the role of decadence in
 art as a progressive reflection of decay in society.
  Like funhouse mirrors inverting the relationship
 between inflator and inflated, the works presented in
 this issue foreground the cataclysmic and much
 anticipated demise of the artist against the summits
 of aestheticism, hence fashioning her after the
 herculean strength and vulnerability of her subject. 

 D.G. Wills Books, La Jolla's most decadent collection
 of new and scholarly books and home of the La Jolla
 Cultural Society, is located at 7461 Girard Avenue, La
 Jolla Ca. 92037 (858) 456-1800.  More information is
 available on their website: and
 the pacificREVIEW website:
 This event is free and open to the public.

that’s it; we are almost done! thanx so much
for all your cool work, your imagination,
enthusiasm and brilliance; if you feel this
class was not a total waste of life, don’t hesitate
to visit the following portals of anonymous rhetorical
love and abuse:






and try to be as honest as you can be;your
colleagues really use this site!


bill nericcio


LOOK WHO IS COMING TO OUR CLASS!!!! CLICK Marlene Forte's color picture to download a copy of the script for her performance; there is a "small" role for a male actor (read to the end!); any volunteers?

Marlene Forte was born in Cuba and raised in Union City, NJ (with all the Cubans who never moved to Miami!).  A founding member of LAByrinth Theater Company in NYC, Ms Forte just enjoyed a successful run of Portland Center Stage's ANNA IN THE TROPICS. She has received international and critical acclaim in indie films like Jim McKay's OUR SONG, HBO's REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES and LENA'S DREAMS.  Some of her theater credits include UNMERCIFUL GOOD FORTUNE (Seattle Rep); BY REASON OF and CUTTING OPEN WINGS (Intar); NIGHT SKY and STANDING ON MY KNEES (Hudson Guild).  TV recurring and guest star roles include NIP/TUCK, THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW, CSI:MIAMI, MY WIFE AND KIDS, CROSSING JORDAN, FAMILY LAW, JUDGING AMY, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND LAW AND ORDER, just to name a few.  This spring she will workshop DIAS Y FLORES by Oliver Mayer with LAByrinth in the Kitchen Series at the Public Theater in NYC.  Other indie credits include; THE LOVE MACHINE and CUSP (IFC); MOMENT TO MOMENT  and WHAT REALLY HAPPENED DURING THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS (Showtime); and the soon to be released INDOCUMENTADOS (Leonardo Ricagni).

Bennie Herron & 1Akkord are loose in da sinematic house!

Some of the beautiful people at the reception at PONCE's.

the BIGscary ESSAY

  • mla style guide
  • bibliography wizard
  • mla-style CRIBsheet
  • eval-sheet | avoid mistakes b4
  • WRITING Guide-- aka the WRITINGcrib!

  • old essay prompt sheet
    photography with a sinematic quality
    Aileen Gonzales and Rachael Brockett, Frenchie artistes-types 
    after the Lea Dennis show at the ART Building. 
    CENSORING THE SINEMATIC BODY! Click the "crown."
    LITERARY Pharmaceutical Companies!
    An Artist's sinematic vision of a Shakespearean scene.

    13 ideas in Huxley's Head!

    New | cool sinematic research resource...
    New EXTRA-CREDIT Assignment!
    You are a theatre reviewer for the NEW YORK TIMES--be sure to read and xerox at least THREE reviews from The Times that you think are well-written and zesty (staple these to your review when you turn it in so that I can see whom you modeled yourself after.  What play do you review?  (INFO appears here opposite). It's not cheap--but good theatre costs! 9 bucks for SINEMATIC BODIES students; just be sure to say that when you call up for tickets!  Your work is due Monday November 22, 2004 at 1pm--slide it under my door AH 4117 or put it an envelope with my name on the outside and leave it for me in the English Department Office, AH Fourth Floor.
    Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST passages for BRAVE NEW WORLD appear at the bottom of this page.

    Sontag Readings new; more on Sontag @

    BLOW-UP REVIEW and Interview/Retrospective


    Subject: Michelangelo Antonioni - Book Signing
    Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 19:07:38 +0200
    From: "TASCHEN News" <>
    TASCHEN News   September 29, 2004 

    Michelangelo Antonioni - Book Signing 
    TASCHEN is happy to invite you to meet Seymour Chatman who will sign his book "Michelangelo Antonioni, The Complete Films" and discuss the director's work on Wednesday, October 6th, 2004 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

    TASCHEN Store
    354 N. Beverly Drive,
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Tel: 310 274 4300
    Press contact: 323.463.4441 
    Click here for further information!

    Yet another cool experimental film, tipped to me by a cool sinematic student: Christiana Bellatorre--this one is called WHAT BARRY SAYS by Simon Robson.  Click the image above if you have a broadband connection and want to see a sinematically political, and politically sinematic short film expermiment.
  • a piece on the short film's producers and artists
  • CSODA POK film forum
  • CSODA POK (Wonder Spider) streaming online source
  • panoptic broadband copy of csoda pok panoptic | thanx to gary breslin

  • PanOptic's look into Eastern Bloc research of practical methodologies of brainwashing and thought control through the use of alternating light frequencies and remote devices. PanOptic Collective speaks: "Japan was the initial starting point and inspiration for this absurd work of fiction. When we heard about the children who had gotten seizures from watching stroboscopic imagery on TV, we starting thinking about the potential for moving images as weapons. We began experimenting with analog and digital processes for creating the most disturbing imagery possible (keeping a bottle of aspirin nearby). Once we had created these "visual weapons" we wrote the story around them, creating an aesthetic we call "eastern European futurism" along with a pseudo history of Hungary during WW2 and present."
     CSODA POK 2 | American Style ???

    Two of your cool colleagues, Kelly McCluskey and Kristin Selland,  have tipped me to a well-crafted piece of sinema.  Stephen Grasse and the crazy artists and writers at GYRO ADVERTISING (aka BIKINIBANDITS) and FUCK HOLLYWOOD Productions have teamed up with the band A PERFECT CIRCLE and have produced a short film that echoes the views of CSODA POK but with a decidedly "American" twist.  Review CSODA POK and then view this short film and consider the both the similarities and differences between the two short films.  Students of the class who view this assignment as political propaganda are free to avoid this link and/or relieve their dis-ease with a visit here.
    JOIN the LONDON 2005 infolist
  • click here for your self-portrait info sheet--turn in ASAP!!!
  • email archive! see if you have missed any messages to the class
  • One of your colleague's, Joe Skiff, has weighed in with his own graphic take on our Intro to LIT and FILM experiment!

    And, now, another!

    Hollywood Freaks

     Hot milk
     Mmmm...tweak my nipple
     Champagne and ripple
     Shamans go cripple
     My sales go triple
     We drop lobotomy beats
     Evaporated meats
     On hi-tech street
     We go solo
     Dance floors and talk shows
     Hot dogs, No Doz
     Hot Sex in back rows

    I wanna know what makes you scream
     Be your twenty million dollar fantasy
     Treat you real good
     Expensive jeans
     Hollywood freaks on the Hollywood scene

     Touch it real good if you want a piece
     Party people know I'm that type of freak

     People look so snooty
     Take pills make them moody
     Automatic bzooty
     Zero to tutti fruitti
     Sex in the halls
     Niagra Falls
     Local shopping malls receive
     Anonymous calls
     Hot like a cheetah
     Neon mamacita
     Eat at tacoria
     Pop lockin' beats from Korea
     Looking like jail bait
     Selling lots of real estate
     Looking like a hot date
     Banging like an 808

     Do you want to feel this?
     Do you want to feel this?

     Norman Schwartzkoff
     Something tells me you want to go home
     Champagne, bibles
     Custom clothes you own
     Calling up from special area codes
     Hollywood nuns with the Hollywood phones
     I got nothing to do, nowhere to go
     I'll tell you what you want
     If you want to know
     Satin sheets
     Tropical oils
     Turn up the heat
     Till the swimming pool boils
     Let all the neighbors
     Read it in the papers
     Making all those gentlemen cry
     Realistic tears

     Jockin my Mercedes
     Probably have my baby
     Shop at Old Navy
     He wish he was a Lady


    Where is My Mind

     With your feet in the air
    And your head on the ground
     Try this trick and spin it, yeah
     Your head will collapse
     But there's nothing in it
     And you'll ask yourself

     Where is my mind 
     Where is my mind 
     Where is my mind

     Way out in the water
     See it swimmin'

     I was swimmin' in the Carribean
     Animals were hiding behind the rock
     Except the little fish
     But they told me, he swears
     Tryin' to talk to me to me to me

     Where is my mind 
     Where is my mind 
     Where is my mind

     Way out in the water
     See it swimmin' ?

     With your feet in the air 
    And your head on the ground
     Try this trick and spin it, yeah
     Your head will collapse
     If there's nothing in it 
     And you'll ask yourself

     Where is my mind 
     Where is my mind 
     Where is my mind

     With your feet in the air 
    And your head on the ground
     Try this trick and spin it, yeah

     "Now self-destruction..."

    Artist: THE STROKES Lyrics
    Song: Soma
    (courtesy the watchful eyes of sinematic body, Anson Lam)

    Soma is what they would take when
     Hard times opened their eyes
     Saw pain in a new way
     High stakes for a few names
     Racing against sun beams
     Losing against bad dreams
     In your eyes

     And I am
     And go
     In your eyes
     See I am
     And go
     In your eyes

     Let's go

     When I saw her for the first time
     Lips moved as her eyes closed
     Heard something in his voice
     "And I'll be there", he says
     Then he walks out
     Somehow he was trying
     Too hard to be like them

     Well I am
     And go
     In your eyes
     And I am
     Oh, darling, let me go

     Tried it once and they like it
     Then tried to hide it
     Says, "I've been doing this 25 years"
     But I'm not listening no more
     And these friends, they keep asking for more
     Oh, yeah
     Oh, but that's it.


    added  september 8, 2004

    odd cinema/sinema tale from europe
    are you a bad speller? go here
    speech issues? go here

    ozymandias graphic from class lecture
    Ephemeral Dreams

    by Gabe Harris

    Melting soft into oblivion,
    running smooth past reality,
    I've lost my dream.

    Searching for a luminous love
    among Monet skies
    dripping tangerine syrup
    into an unsearchable realm
    of meandering conscientiousness.

    A certain utopia lying nude,
    bated with raw anticipation
    just beyond a tangible touch,
    a silky screen runs like water
    beneath my eager mind,
    drowning me in a faux reality
    soaked with an unintended lie.

    There is a soft oblivion
    easy to slip into, hard to let go,
    or maybe it's the other way around,
    I've been lost in both,
    so many trips have smeared the line
    of dreams eternally submerged
    between the types of light
    that enter my I.

    I don't know when my dream was lost,
    but I can ease my eager mind,
    whenever it is I please by
    coaxing my eye
    to the surface,
    of that watery screen.

    cool upcoming local film event:
    imperial beach film festival:
    ending september 12:

    the rolling stones

    ship of fools
    paint it black
      sinematic gallery
    Tino Villanueva as rendered by our stars!  Tawnya Pataky

    the class photo!


    Mike High lectures on Villanueva!

    Guillermo Nericcio García & Leoneddi Lanzbom @ CLUBgaloka 9.11.04

    ©2004 S. Tvelia

    ©2004 S. Tvelia

    photos by Stephanie Tvelia

    Sinematic Bodies Day One

    ©2004 Guillermo Nericcio García

    Tres cool Student info sheet!


    expired extra-credit assignment
    extra-credit (optional) literary/political safari to la jolla

    You are invited to a Preview Screening of
    Visiones: Latino Art and Culture
    featuring San Diego's Taco Shop Poets

    Produced and Directed by Paul Espinosa

    Museum of Photographic Arts
    Balboa Park
    Thursday, September 23, 2004
    Program begins promptly at 6:00 pm
    Limited Seating - Free Admission

    Special Guests include Featured Artists:
    Adrian Arancibia, Miguel Angel Soria,
    Adolfo Guzman Lopez of the Taco Shop Poets 
    David Avalos, Evelyn Diaz Cruz
    and Paul Espinosa

    Q & A with Artists and Producer after Screening
    Screening features three segments:

    In San Diego, Producer/Director Paul Espinosa captures the Taco Shop Poets
    as they take their art to the people. In San Antonio, Producer/Director Hector Galan explores the world of Chicano theatre profiling Carpa Garcia.
    In San Francisco, we journey with Producer/Director Gustavo Vazquez into the space of performance art with Guillermo Gomez-Peña. 

    Visiones: Latino Art and Culture is a landmark PBS television series that features the rich cultural and artistic expressions of Latinos in the United States

    In San Diego, Visiones begins airing on KPBS:
    Sunday October 31, 2004 @ 2:30 pm

    Visiones featuring The Taco Shop Poets airs on KPBS:
    Wednesday November 17, 2004 @ 10:30 pm
    Sunday November 28, 2004 @ 2:30 pm

    Screening is co-sponsored by Media Arts Center San Diego, the Taco Shop Poets, Voz Alta, the Museum of Photographic Arts, Espinosa Productions and Chicano Perk.

    Visiones is a co-production of Galán Inc. and the National Association of Latino Arts & Culture (NALAC) and is presented by the Independent Television Service (ITVS) with Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) as co-presenter. Funding for Visiones was also provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Houston Endowment and the Texas Commission on the Arts. Executive Producer Hector Galan. For ITVS, Executive Producer Sally Jo Fifer

            --THIS IS totally FREE 

            1649 El Prado 
            San Diego, CA 92101 
            619-238-7559 (Phone) 
            619-238-8777 (Fax) 
            (located in the Casa De Balboa building, east of the main traffic circle and
            central fountain) Directions: From Interstate 5 and 8 intersection: go
            southbound on I-5, take the 10th Ave. exit; Turn left on A St. and left again
            on Park Blvd. Follow the signs to Balboa Park. Parking is available throughout
            the Balboa Park.


            What's the extra-credit prompt?  Well, as I told you in class last MONDAY, the
            sinematic/cinematic body named SCENE FROM THE MOVIE GIANT is a literary work,
            a series of poems, inspired by an encounter with a movie--A poet literally
            goes mad/goes artistic as a result of a run-in with a Rock Hudson/Elizabeth
            Taylor extravaganza entitled GIANT (it stars James Dean as well!). 

            In any event, our screening of the TACO SHOP POET film here at MOPA can be
            read as a cinematic narcotic antidote to the processes that brought about
            GIANT/SCENE FROM THE MOVIE GIANT.  Your extra-credit assignment--to be
            completed and turned in typed, double-spaced, and spicy title, on Wednesday,
            Sept 29, 2004 IN CLASS--would be to find a way to compare Villanueva's book of
            poems to the work you see on the screen at MOPA. 

    "Look at You, You're a Frenchie Art Critic" Extra-credit Assignment! EXPIRED

    Yes, that's you! and you work for ART FORUM and you have been assigned to
    review the opening of the gallery noted in the image below! We will meet at Louie's PUB in the Aztec Center @ 4, October 28th THURSDAY to compare our outfits and have a glass of wine or soda ( Louie's Pub is in the Aztec Student Center and is an ALL AGES FACILITY). You are to dress as FRENCHIEartLOVER as you can: black turtlenecks, berets, and cigarettes optional. With your own review, you will turn in TWO sample reviews from ART FORUM. Here is the flyer for the event! Your work is due Monday November 22, 2004 at 1pm--slide it under my door AH 4117 or put it an envelope with my name on the outside and leave it for me in the English Department Office, AH Fourth Floor.

    Tino Villanueva
    key literary terms

    catachresis: \Cat`a*chre"sis\, n. [L. fr. Gr. ? misuse, fr. ? to misuse; kata` against + ? to use.] (Rhet.) A figure by which one word is wrongly put for another, or by  which a word is wrested from its true signification; as, ``To take arms against a sea of troubles''. --Shak. ``Her voice was but the shadow of a sound.'' --Young.
    the grotesque
    synecdoche - n.- A figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole (as hand for sailor), the whole for a part (as the law for police officer), the specific for the general (as cutthroat for assassin), the general for the specific (as thief for pickpocket), or the material for the thing made from it (as steel for sword).

    impotent - adj.- Lacking in power, as to act; helpless.

    other - n.- that being, an entity or group-entity which is always treated as an object, assuming oneself or "those like oneself" as the subject. In making such a universal assignment of object status, a group such as slaves, women, psychiatric patients, workers, foreigners, or debtors can be assigned some subordinate status by use of language. The master, man, clinician, employer, citizen, creditor, respectively, can legally (using force) assume some power for the other, and speak for them.

    expired LIT event

    Christopher Buckley Reading
    Date November 03, 2004 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM Pacific Time
    Description Writer Christopher Buckley will present a reading as part of the Fall 2004 Hugh C. Hyde Living Writers Series on Wednesday, November 3, at 7:00 p.m. in Room 2203 of the San Diego State University Library, 5500 Campanile Drive. The event is free and open to all.

    A native of California, Buckley is a professor and chair of the creative writing department at the University of California, Riverside. He has published more than 11 books of poetry, including "Last Rites," "Blossoms & Bones: On the Life and Work of Georgia O'Keefe," "Dark Matter," and his latest, "Star Apocrypha." He has published creative nonfiction in "Crazyhorse," "Santa Barbara Magazine," and "Hubbub," and wrote a creative nonfiction book titled "Cruising State: Growing Up in Southern California." His work has appeared in numerous journals, and he was the poetry editor for The Pushcart Prize for 1991-92.

    The Hugh C. Hyde Living Writers Series is sponsored by the SDSU Department of English and Comparative Literature through an endowment from San Diego writer Hugh C. Hyde.

    For more information, please call (619) 594-5318.



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