Summer 2013 | English 525/Comparative Literature 595/ or MALAS 600B

Professor William A. Nericcio, Director, MALAS | Professor, English & Comp Lit, Chicana/o Studies, & Latin American Studies, SDSU

t’s the summer of love on Montezuma Mesa as you walk into a seminar room dedicated to literature, art, photography, theatre and more from the United States after 1960. It's title? "Sex, Drugs, (Film, Lit, Art,) & Rock'n'Roll" or SDFLAR. This radical arts experiment will put you in the clutches of a class that appears on the SDSU Summer schedule in three delightful flavors: Engl 525, CLT 595, & MALAS 600A ...

...this to ease the choices for English majors who have already taken Engl 525 and to give graduate students in MALAS, English, and other departments a shot at getting ahead during the summer months in our moveable feast of a literary experiment.

The catalogue calls this class LIT OF THE US 1960-PRSNT, but "LIT OF THE US 1960-PRSNT" is not the real title of our May to June experiment. While technically, yes, all the works we peruse / devour / mainline will hail from the 'loins' of Uncle Sam since 1960, this will NOT be your grandfather's literature survey. Our class's real name (keep it quiet! keep it off the Narc's radar!) is: Sex, Drugs, {Film, Lit,} & Rock'n'Roll.

Our experimental survey of literature, stories, comics, art, movies, photography, theatre, and more is a barely closeted, thinly disguised course on American metamorphosis, on Unitedstatesian transformation, as we track how writers and artists chronicle the lunatic gyrations of the ever-evolving, always shape-shifting America psyche. As we read works by William Burroughs, Lidia Yuknavich, William Gibson and imbibe comics by Robert Crumb and Gilbert Hernandez, listen to music by the Velvet Underground & Bruce Springsteen, and watch movies by Orson Welles (TOUCH OF EVIL), Mike Nichols (The Graduate) & Spike Lee (JUNGLE FEVER), we will enter strange exotic/erotic and subterranean worlds, bizarre spaces subject to radical processes of transmogrification and existential transubstantiation.

This class is open to ALL majors and all level of students from freshmen to graduate students--no expertise with literature (or sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll) is required or presumed!

Click the image below to see some of the required texts, but don't buy anything till you come to the first day of class as selected texts are still in flux!

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