London, Summer 2007
The Department of English and Comparative Literature
San Diego State University

Emily, Melissa, Nathan, Sarah, Sarah, and Sam enjoy some fine wine and a dose of surrealism at the Surrealists's Ball at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Professor Nericcio interrogates Mary, Marissa, Allie, and Andrea at the FIE opening picnic outside at the Imperial College Pub.

Later in the day at the same pub...


The two shots previous come from the camera of Andrea Platero!  thanx Andrea...

Sarah, Nate, and Sandra at the Blonde Redhead concert at KOKO, London.

Sam ponders why British Life and Culture Professor, Bryan Ridgers, is making a face at him!

A more dignified picture of Professor Ridgers--Sarah looks at my camera with disdain! 'damned paparazzi!'

Blue Badge Guide, Simon, leads the troupe past The Royal Albert Hall on the way to Hyde Park and the Kensington Palace--from right to left, Laurel, Marissa, Andrea, ?, Simon, Allie?, Ashley, Drew, Mark, Melissa, Stef?, John and Mary.

Lunchtime before the RocknRoll Cinema, nathanTREK with Allie, Marissa, Sam, Sandra, Ashley and Blythe.

Sandra, Drew, Sam, Allie, and Marissa enjoy electric race cars at the 93east club.

Marissa and Mary spar over football before our trek into the cinema at 93east for the Rocknroll Cinema shorts film festival.

Not-at-all-smarmy proto-Prof Nathan Leaman basks in the lights of the Rocknroll Cinema--chapeau Nate! for a cool junket!

Sam, Professor Bill, Proto-Professor Nathan at 93East.

The gang is almost all there as London SDSU interns and Study Group studenets (with some new friends) pass the evening hitting the books, er, pints at Imperial College's Student Union Pub--Imperial College ranks with Cambridge and Oxford as one of England's greatest universities. Hence, the reason for our gathering there!

Professor John Makey dodges clever questions from intrigued SDSUstudy geniuses at the British Museum.  While Ashley seems entralled, Blythe looks unimpressed, Stef meditates, Andrea laments, Michelle demands more to be impressed and Mary gamely listens!

Blythe, Ashley, Drew, Marissa, Duncan, Michele and Mary thrill to the bibliophilic delights of Foyles on the John Maeda Riflemaker fieldtrip.

Michelle, Andrea, Allie, Lindsay, Ashley, Mary, Bill, Marissa, Mark, and Laurel at Sketch after the Blessing Gallery cineTREK.

Drew, Andrea, Lauren, Mike, Mark, Lindsay and Laurel soak up the fine vibe at BFI's Burnugo lounge before our screening there.

Lindsay, Laurel, Bill, Andrea, Mary, Sam, Duncan, Allie, Sandra, Blythe, Ashley, and Michelle, with grinning Drew in the foreground also at BFI.

Sandra shouts out to her peeps with Melissa and Katie outside the Bard's house, aka The Globe, Southbank, London.

Nathan (scowling as his mind ponders our Blue Badge guide's hand gestures), Melissa, Katie, Elliot, and Laurel on our FIE field trip to the wonders of Bath.

The call of ice cream in Bath causes Sandra, Drew, Ashley, Blythe, Mary, and Nate to hold up the bus!
aerial photography by Bill Nericcio

Michelle, Andrea, Blythe, Ashley, Marissa, John, and Laurel sit on a bronze book with ball and chain in the one and only British Library at the start of our Sacred exhibit cineTREK.

The gang's all here! with Professor Makey outside the Tate Britain.

Another angle on the SDSUstudy group in front of the Tate Britain.

John Makey and FIE treated us to an amazing Indian food festival in Bricklane--Lindsay, Michelle, Laurel, Allie, Marissa, Bill, Andrea, Mike, and Elliot mug for the camera.

Having survived Brixton on an ill-planned cineTREK by a professor to remain unnamed, Stef, Blythe, and Ashley mug atop picturesque Primrose Hill.

Drew, Mike, and Duncan--Stef too!-- wait with bated breath for the apperance of Jude Law before the screening of Melville's Le Samourai at the Institut Francais.

Dueling cameras as Mary, Marissa, John (on camera), Andrea and Marissa await Jude Law's entrance.

Jude Law hangs with the SDSU group at the Institut Francais.

Nathan reveals his Ansel Adams talents in Paris at the Eiffel Tower!  From left to right: Bill, Sophia, Lorenzo, and Lila Nericcio.  To the far right? Tiffany awaits her closeup!

Sophia Alessandra Nericcio is behind the camera for this shot of Laurel, Lindsay, Andrea, John, Michele, Drew, Marissa, Lauren, Duncan, Mary, Bill, Lorenzo, and Lila at the end of the Jack the Ripper Walking tour.