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Your final extra credit chance of the semester is a little different than what I had promised.  The reviews for Aronfosky's THE FOUNTAIN are hit and miss, while even the kind reviews for Shainberg's new flick, FUR, on photographer Diane Arbus, are convinced it is flawed--I have seen neither film.  So I am leery of sending you off to spend good money and precious time on problematic films.  That said, I have decided to let you review Pedro Almodovar's new film VOLVER as an extra-credit; film and photography majors/minors who want to substitute the Arbus film FUR, are free to do so.

Here is the extra-credit.  

1. Attend the film at a time of your own choosing!  

2. Write a two to three page, double-spaced, piece on Almodovar's film that compares, contrasts, and/or fuses some thematic aspect of the film to ONE short story from the Gilbert Hernandez DUCK FEET volume...
...ONE short story from the Charlotte Perkins Gilman collection of short stories that is NOT "The Yellow Wallpaper."

3. Turn in your piece of writing with an attached movie-ticket stubb on the day of our scary final challenge, Wednesday, December 6, 2006 @ 9:00am SHARP--no exceptions!

good luck! it has been an immense pleasure working with you--do please consider taking my spring 2007 class and bringing along cool friends who are in search of classes that are a little different than others. Seductive Hallucination students who bring a friend to crash this class the first day of the semester, using this coupon, will be allowed to drop their lowest quiz grade! their friend gets the same academic scooby snack!




extra-credit challenges

go to this lecture; do the writing assignment below 
the image of this letter:


having attended Nericcio's "last lecture"
without falling asleep, using 

a cell-phone, texting, yawning, 
or throwing tomatoes, write a 
2-page lecture/rant of your own that 
takes and  twists/shakes/reimagines/or wrecks 
one or two ideas shared during the lecture!

due WEDNESDAY, November 30th--turn
it in to me in the big room class at 9am!

desperate for an extra-credit?

go to this  event and
cover it like an arts beat reporter
for the new york times.

it must be at least three pages
long AND attached to it must
be at least three NYTIMES arts
event reviews that served as your

not to your taste?  no worries.

more extra credits to come!


Go to see ZORRO at the LA JOLLA PLAYHOUSE!  
Then, in a crisp two-three 
page essay, review the play 
as if you were a reporter for London's THE GUARDIAN 

newspaper--click HERE for examples!

regarding the cheaper RUSH TICKETS--I was able
to find this on their site:

Student and Military Discounts:

Save $3.00 per ticket except for Saturday Evenings and Previews.

Rush Tickets:

Rush tickets are $20.00. Patrons may begin signing up for the Rush Line one hour prior to the
performance, any unsold seats or unsold standing room will be sold as Rush beginning no later than
10 minutes prior to the performance. Please note that many performances are sold out in
advance including standing room. 


do be sure to staple your theatre ticket to
your review!  Due WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2006,
in class.


BLUE VELVET screening

Widely acknowledged as filmmaker David Lynch's masterpiece, Blue Velvet returns in all its blissfully obscene glory with a new 35mm print. Without question, Lynch's one-of-a-kind, coming-of-age allegory spiked with deliciously wicked noir touches remains the most original piece of American filmmaking to emerge from the 1980s, and it still shocks and elates viewers 20 years after its release. This 1986 nightmare comedy blends hallucinatory doses of surrealism with wide-eyed Americana into an intoxicating brew of startling images and subliminal sounds that will leave both long-time fans and first-time viewers repeating the film's often-quoted mantra, "It's a strange world, isn't it?" Please note: Blue Velvet is rated R and the film doesn't pull any punches when it comes to provocative and disturbing adult content.

Professor Bill Nericcio, SDSU, will be leading an open Question & Answer Session directly after the screening while Neil Kendricks, curator, MCASD FILM will introduce LYNCH's OPUS.

ADMISSION: $5 MCASD Members, Students, Seniors / $7 General.  All films screen in MCASD La Jolla's Sherwood Auditorium.  Tickets may be purchased at the box office one hour prior to event. For more information call 858 454 3541.

Extra credit Assignment?  Attend the screening (watching it on a DVD does NOT count); then review the film in the style of J HOBERMAN, VILLAGEVOICE.COM.   Your 2 to 3 page piece of writing is due MONDAY October 16, 2006 IN CLASS!
EXPIRED A super secret halloween-themed extra-credit assignment
has appeared outside the door of my office, A & L 273.
do sneak by and have a peek and see if you are up to the challenge!
it's right under my door number!

it's gone now--but you can see it here:



From ???@??? Tue Sep 12 15:41:22 2006 using -f
Subject: first official EXTRA-CREDIT
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this is OPEN to all friends and citizens

first the AD--also attached, from ANNA MARIN,
an outstanding Graduate Student in the Lit
Program here:

"Dear literaturists, poets, and those seduced
by words: Please join local slam poet and
independent artist Tomas Riley for a one-of-a-
kind event at SDSU. Thursday, September 21,
from 8:00-9:15 am in GMSC 301, Tom?s will
perform live to an audience of students and
word-lovers alike. Don't miss it!
Support local artists: $5 suggested donation.
More on RILEY here: Be seduced--> "


NOW--the extra-credit assignment!

1. Go online and research RILEY; these two are
good starts:


2. Slip the 5 buck cover in an envelope
decorated with symbols that mirror RILEY's
interests! Make sure you ALSO write
somewhere on the envelope BIG--
with your name and section number.
Bring itto the Riley READING on the morning of
September 21st!

3. Attend the 8am Riley READING--yikes!

4. Write a one to two page ANALYSIS of the
reading/performance written as if you were a
reporter for the LATIMES or NYTIMES--look up
and print out one of their event reviews and
include the one that you used for a model
stapled to your own review.

5. turn it in to me in class on Monday the 25th
of September!

this is an EXTRA-CREDIT assignment, good for
atoning for blown quizzes, excessive absences,
and, it is said, a cure for cases of extreme
aesthetic deprivation!

yours, over and out,

bill nericcio

option 2
go to this event (first blog entry!)
tomorrow night,


voz alta is right next door to

do the same writing
assignment...  more on it here!