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6 june, monday night Jimi Hendrix, he played there! Bob Dylan! Yes sir! James Taylor? of course! Tonight? Well tonight, for £5.50, maybe less, you get not music but poetry at The Troubadour, near our homes on Old Brompton Road. We will leave the steps of Foundation House at 7 for the walk to the Troubador.  This field trip and a critical response to it on your online collective diary, will yield you 5 .
7 june, tuesday am... Foyles bookstore and gallery tour  BETWEEN BOOK AND STORYBOARD, Word and Image 10 am departure from Gloucester Road Station Lobby.  The most famous bookshop in London! In addition, we will travel to the art department on the fourth floor to check out a gallery by an artist who makes books like director's make movies. FREE! Field trip and entry in your online collective diary yields 3 


FREE CONCERT St. Martin's in the Fields @ 1pm; sax and piano concert; We will meet on the front steps of the Church at 12:45; closest tube stop? Leicester Square Tube. Concert and online collective diary entry yields 3 


Fringe theatre, the QUARE FELLOW at Tricycle.  It is pay what you can night so expect to pay £5-8 for your experience. The show is at 8; we will leave Gloucester Road lobby at 6:45 to get to the kilburn station on the northern line. 6 

8 june, wednesday: class  from 10 to 12 @ foundation, C-21


free class group luncheon at the Program Faculty's flat (bring what you would like to drink), right after class... 2


FILM in the evening?! Outdoors, so bring a jacket or two! CASABLANCA! Arguably the most important film in Cinema history. FREE! at the scoop next to the London Mayor's Metal Testicle bldg on the South Bank. We will meet at Gloucester Road station at 8 for the ride out to the Tower Bridge Tube Station.  BYOF and BYOB--there ARE shops and pubs along the Thames, but it may prove better to bring your own goodies. 4  for the field trip and entry on your online website; 7  if you write a review in the style of David Denby or other film writers, Anthony Lane, at The New Yorker

9 june, thursday balletBOYS NAKED @ Sadler's Wells
progressive new
wave ballet 8pm. leave at 6:30pm for trip to ANGEL station. 6  for field trip and two page critique/review of the ballet £26! so beware! tickets?
10 june, friday: free concert St.Mary's Abbott / Royal College of Music 1:10pm; 3  for field trip and write up on your online collective diary

Friday 10 June 6pm at the Menier Chocolate Factory, 53 Southwark
Street;  £2 - first come first served; free drinks 6pm-6.30pm.

A public debate. Proposing the motion is Ian Rickson, Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theatre and Lucy Winkett, the first woman residentiary canon of St Paul's Cathedral. Opposing the motion is AnthonyNeilson, playwright and director alongside Zoe Williams, Guardian columnist and writer. The journalist Patrick Marmion will chair the meeting. 3  for an online collective diary entry.

11 june, saturday: spectacle, trooping of the Guard starring the queen 9am departure. 2 --this is an independent study trek without a group meeting place.
12 june sunday: FREE MOVIE, TATE MODERN

The life and death of Frida Kahlo--3:00pm; we will meet at 2 at Gloucester road station for the trip out to the Southbank; 3  for field trip and write up on your online collective diary.
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13 june monday: film screening 

Comedy night at the ultra-cool eastside RIVERSIDE STUDIOS for a double-bill of Woody Allen films; the Brits are crazy for Woody the same way the French worship Jerry Lewis! Manhattan is @ 6:30pm and Allen's new Melinda and Melinda is at 8:25pm.  We will leave Gloucester Road Tube Station Lobby @ 5:30 so that we can enjoy a pre-flick beverage on their clever patio overlooking the Thames. 2 or 4  (depending on whether or not you stay for the double feature) for the trip; NWN--no writing necessary.

 14 june tuesday

FRIDA KAHLO gallery tour 10am Tate Modern--we will leave Gloucester Road Station at 9am for our trip over to the TATE; you must PRE-BOOK. with review of the gallery. required reading here as a pdf or here, online. Due to the fact that the gallery costs £8 WITH student concession I will award 4 with NO WRITING NECESSARY. This is a crucially important gallery installation!

Tuesday Afternoon flaneurtrek
A special guest lecture and field trip with Robin Prior. 

DARWIN DAYS! FREE!!! Rendezvous at your Hyde Park Gate flat front door @ 2.00 PM  for "ABCDarwin: From Genes to Memes" which will answer the question of why the Darwinian Algorithm is as vital to  the arts as it is to biology. This trip involves ice cream at the magnificent Natural History Museum (weather permitting, bring a shilling or two), along with a bit of theory from me, followed by a visit to the Darwin Gallery. 4  for careful and detailed entry in your online collective diary. required reading here; mandatory skim here; i am going to grad school reading here.

15 june wednesday NO FIE-based classroom meeting, instead, a treat and honor...

MANDATORY CLASS flaneurtrek will meet at GLOUCESTER TUBE STATION LOBBY @ 9:45am for special class field trip to the FREUD MUSUEM!!!  (£3 / 4  with online collective diary entry optional--that's right! the father of psychoanalysis! you get to see the couch that started it ALL!!! cinema has been conceived of as amanufactured dream factory; needless to say Freud can help us with our word. at FIE, 10 to 12 in C22; REQUIRED READINGS: 1, 2, AND 3. THE FREUD MUSEUM/GALLERY; 

6:30 FASHION AND BODY IMAGE LECTURE £5. We will leave Gloucester tube lobby for this event at 5:30pm--What is the cost of fashion? June 15 @6.30pm; The Fashion & Textile Museum is proud to continue its much-anticipated series of talks. Sponsored by Newham College, this particular series will explore ‘what is the cost of fashion?’  Fashion and Body Image: Is the fashion industry responsible for promoting an unrealistic body image, leading to anorexia and other disorders? A short film by Rankin is followed by a discussion. 4  for the field trip; no writing necessary; 2 extra- for a critique of a film you have seen in London that applies what you learn at this event.
16 june thursday

breakfast well and get on your walking shoes for a morning of art, nudity and "degenerates." we are off from GLOUCESTER ROAD tube lobby for a trip back to the TATE MODERN at 9:30; our first gallery will be the exhibit on European Degenerate Artists; after that gallery we scurry to the NUDE/ACTION/BODY gallery for a Museum-guided tour. 4  for the flaneurtrek; 6  if you also do a two-page close reading of ONE of the works of arts from the mornings gallery tour--include sketch, photo or postcard with the critique.

natural born quizzers pub night! we will test our trivia, cinema and otherwise, with a 9pm quiz at YE OLDE WHITE BEAR, a famous hampstead pub! we will leave GLOUCESTER ROAD TUBE LOBBY at 7:00pm to get there early enough for a good table. They have a decent menu with delicious sandwiches. 3 /no writing necessary. If there are enough of us we should try to get two tables AND to enlist a local or two to help us with UK trivia!

 17 june friday

free. an easy and free day of culture and art. we will leave the steps of hyde park gate at 10 am for a walk over to the V&A for their amazing PENGUIN BY DESIGN exhibit--cinematic in its scope, this display shows you can judge a book by its cover.

from the V&A we will hop on the tube back to our favorite barrio, BRICKLANE, for the BACK TO BLACK exhibit at Whitechapel Gallery.  After the gallery, we will walk to that open air market area for lunch and a brief discussion; stay for the discussion and you get your 4 with no writing necessary.


18 june saturday

3pm. OUT ON A LIMB--special film screening with discussion at Ewen McGregor's EVERYMAN CINEMA CLUB in Hampsted. INFO and advanced tickets here. Hampstead is a stop off the western branch of the two pronged northern line--this is an independent study trek without a group meeting place. 5  for the trek. NO WRITING NECESSARY. A tad pricey at £10!

19 june sunday

london is europe's pre-eminent site for world cinema; for today's flaneurtrek we head to the chic confines of the NFT, part of the British Film Institute. Movies here are pricey, but they are almost always new prints of classic works of film. we will be leaving Gloucester Road Tube Lobby at 3 for EMBANKMENT and the 4pm screening of Michelangelo Antonioni's La Signorela senza camelie and the 6:30 screening of BLOW-UP

you DO NOT have to attend both films; 3  for ONE movie; 6  for both.  Brief one paragraph entries on your favorite scenes from each film in you online collective diary will be fine.

Ebert Review

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monday, 20 JUNE 2005


You asked for it! You demanded it! Your wish is my command. A NO WRITING NECESSARY flaneurtrek worth 4 !!!  It's the JACK THE RIPPER TOUR with the one and only DONALD RUMBELOW, who LITERALLY wrote the book on dastardly JACK.  We will leave the Gloucester Tube Lobby at 6:30 sharp for our trip out to TOWER HILL. Click the canvas below for a related story.

Great news for Theatre & Cinema maniacs--right after our JACK THE RIPPER tour, we will be meeting Nick Hutchison, our amazing Globe Theatre guru, at the 10 Bells pub, for tales from his life in movies and theatre--thrill as he enchants us with the inside scoop on HUGH GRANT; marvel as he reveals what actors are up to before the curtain goes up. A mandatory treat of a flaneurtrek; note: if the TEN BELLS gets too loud, we will retire to an other area watering hole for gossip and conversation. 3if you hang out with Nick all night. 2 if you leave early. 1if you stayed but opted to ignore our talented guest.

tuesday, 21 June 2005

free! Classic cinema at the French Institute, aka CINE LUMIEREE (where we saw DERRIDA). We will leave the GLOUCESTER TUBE lobby at 11:50am SHARP for a screening of Buster Keaton's THE NAVIGATOR

2 for the trek AND a two paragraph entry in your online collective diary.

From 3:30 to 6:30 they are having free concerts in their Bistrot. 2 additional  if you imbibe some of this as well--no writing necessary for this second part.

wednesday, 22 June 2005

Mandatory class; 2; FIE from 10 to noon. Come to class prepared to begin to give your initial final finding with regard to the function of film in the UK--remember to THINK like anthropologist; less important than whether or not your LIKE a film is whether or not you can describe how it reflects or aims to change the peoples from which it springs.  Bring print outs of your favorite DIARY entry, online or in your journals, that you would like to share with your colleagues; in-class writing challenge a distinct possibility.

LIVE JAZZ/Latin Jazz! @ the CRYPT of St. Martin's. ONLY £3 before 9pm.  We will leave at 7:45 sharp from the Gloucester Tube Lobby.  More info? go here.  If you want to get a table, the St. Martin's web site recommends getting there at 6:30; blister-footed students covetous of the 3 for this flaneurtrek and a critical, cultural anthropological review of this site in your   may want to leave earlier.

thursday, 23 june 2005

Shakespeare! Holy Bard, Batman, what does HE have to do with film?  Well, some might argue we would not have film without Shakespeare!!!! This performance of PERICLES is cinematic and over the top!  You will have to buy advance tickets for it here--or risk going there and the GLOBE selling out. Standing tickets are £5.

for your trek to the GLOBE on the Southbank and a careful critique/review of the work in your online collective diary.  We will leave Gloucester Tube Lobby at 12:45pm  sharp for the ride over to the house the bard built!

friday, 24 june 2005

We will leave Gloucester Road Station Lobby @ 12:15pm SHARP for another splendid FREE concert at St. Martin's in the Fields; the concert is at 1:00; 2 for the trip to the concert and an entry in your online  in your online collective diary that explores a place you have seen in LONDON that one of the pieces of music perfectly renders.

4 for a trek to the Victoria and Albert Museum for an experimental night of fun. FREE. Go here or click the icon below for more details.  We will leave the FIE steps at 6:30 for our walk over to this gorgeous museum.

saturday, 25 june 2005

no group flaneurtrek; I highly recommend a visit to the ultra-cool CARRIE MAY WEEMS exhibit--London is in the midst of an African renaissance; this itself is part of its present antrhopo-cinematic dasein (spirit); check this out along with the Whitechapel display (17 june above) as well.
sunday june 26, 2005

no group flaneurtrek; enjoy the morning matins service at St. Paul's cathedral; whether you are faithful or atheist, the pageantry is bound to move you.

monday, 27, june 2005

no group flaneurtrek. try out the London Zoo! or walk over to the V&A design museum, right by your house, and walk in, go right past the info-desk, past the china/japan rooms to the CASTINGS room. WOW

tuesday, 28, june 2005

no group flaneurtrek; why not spend the day prowling the chic/edgy offerings of Islington or the hardcore diaspora of Camden Town.

wednesday, 29, june 2005

no group flaneurtreks--why not head down to the prince charles cinema for a £3.50 movie? the sean penn NIXON flick is worth the price of admission. or, a little pricier, see Chris Marker's famous SANS SOLEIL at the French Institute; or test out the HOLLY BUSH pub in Hampstead for good eats and a nice selection of ales, bitters, and lager.

thursday, 30, june 2005
New trek-outing-thingy-
whatchamacallit with ROBIN PRIOR--The Newsrevue at the Canal Café pub-theatre.

Date: Thursday June 30 - show at 9.30pm (but let's be civilized - drinks at 8?) Tickets: £9.00 (possible discount - Robin Prior will let you know)

  satire (sàt´ìr´) noun

  1. a. A literary work in which human vice or folly is
attacked  through irony, derision, or witb. The branch of literature constituting such works. See synonyms at caricature.2. Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose  folly, vice, or stupidity. Bag a few CineSnack points with an evening of biting and hilarious
cultural satire beside the Grand Union canal in London's Little Venice.

Be warned though, this is not Mary Poppins. If you are likely to take
offence at colourful language, sexual humour, or excoriating political attacks (I expect Blair, Chirac, Bush, etc, will come in for a lot of stick), stay away.

Directions and more details at:

friday july 1, 2005

a group trip for our stalwart gang of 19 sdsu undergraduates.  this field trip is FREE, part of your FIE-package. and, though, it has nothing to do with our ANTH 493 class, I will be awarding a tasty parcel of 4  to attendees who brave the wilds north of London to be part of this group here's the details...-->date: FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2005 (LIVE8 attendees, rejoice!); -->meeting time: 8:45am GLOUCESTER TUBE STOP LOBBY (time certain and SHARP); from Gloucester, we will be off to KINGS CROSS and a National Rail fast train to Cambridge; -->tourguide: Our tour guide will be the one and only Dr. Dominic Janes, Director of Academic Programmes for FIE AND a Cambridge University Graduate--he'll be able to give us the inside skinny on the natives of this beautiful academic paradise. a taste of his keen writing is here.
saturday, july 2, 2005


sunday, july 3, 2005

Tate Modern. 3pm. FREE SCREENING. Tim Niel's THE CULT OF FRIDA KAHLO. 3 for your self-led trek to the South Bank. See you there!
monday, july 4, 2005

goodbye picnic @ primrose hill farewell party; details to follow.

tuesday july 5, 2005

bon voyage!

MORE TO COME, SOON.  Group Farewell Dinner July 4th, picnic at Hampstead Heath... sound good?  let me know. The Department of English and Comparative Literature, SDSU ( may be sponsoring our farewell dinner gala, in which case we will skip the picnic and eat at  LEMONIA.... all dates tentative.all info not in cement.comments welcome.